Lavender Products

Lavender Products

We Care For Quality™

Fine words, but how exactly do they differentiate Pelindaba Lavender products from the kind of lavender products sold in most gift, cosmetic or discount stores and supermarkets?

We start with the fact that, with very few exceptions, all the products we offer are handcrafted right here at our farm on San Juan Island. Our island is home to many talented artists and craftspeople, and our farm has become a “home from home” for several of them.

Our adoption of a vertically integrated approach to sustainable agriculture amplifies our passion for excellence and ultimately produces the differentiation we – and our discerning customers – seek:

We sought and were granted “Certified Organic” status by Washington State Department of Agriculture in accordance with their rigorous certification program. This certification (and its annual inspection process) assures customers who purchase products derived from our plants that we follow good organic farming principles and that no synthetic chemicals have been used at any stage of plant cultivation or harvesting.

We formulate our Personal Care and Therapeutic products using pure organic lavender essential oil. This is in marked distinction to many other lavender product manufacturers who mix or even substitute their oil with synthetic lavender “fragrance” or “essence”. While this significantly reduces the cost to the manufacturer, it also significantly reduces or eliminates all the aromatherapeutic benefits of the essential oil to the user, a false economy indeed.

To ensure the highest quality, we derive the lavender essential oil we use exclusively from our own plantings on our own farm. In this way, we can assure ourselves and our customers that the source of all our oil is indeed from organically certified plantings.

Furthermore, we distill all our essential oil in our own custom-built distillery on the farm. We then ensure the oil has adequate time to properly “age” (like a good red wine) before we use it in our products. In so doing, we avoid the potential concerns experienced by the many producers who buy some or all of their essential oil from third party suppliers over whom they have no direct quality control – a particularly relevant concern with the recent influx of low-cost (translation: low-quality, not organically certified) essential oils, especially from Eastern Europe.

The net result is that we are able to give full expression to our Vision. Our open-space preservation objective has been complemented by our efforts to preserve and nurture the art of handcrafting, helping to sustain not only the land but also a way of life for some of our fellow islanders as we meet the rapidly increasing demand for all-natural products.

Choosing this path is inevitably more difficult and expensive than the path chosen by most other lavender producers who ship their flowers and/or oil to third party manufacturers and then put their own labels on those machine-made products for re-selling. Caring for Quality calls for what some have called a more “honest” approach.

Keeping our production activities right here on the farm also allows us to directly control, monitor and ensure the highest quality at all stages of production. It also allows us to be highly flexible in continually improving and expanding our overall product line and meeting the periodic customization requests of some even more particular clients.

“I just won a door prize at a beauty salon. It was beautifully wrapped & presented… after reading the enclosed flyer I am very excited to try them. The lotion smells wonderful. I love companies that take the time & effort to make a special product & are proud of their work. I look forward to visiting your farm next summer.” – Mary

Lavender products for personal care

Personal Care

The use of lavender as a favored fragrance in personal care products – from soaps and shampoos to a host of other cosmetic and skin care products – has a history going back more than two millennia.

Lavender products for therapy


Few flowers or plants have the multitude of therapeutic uses that are found with lavender – it is a remarkable soothing agent to treat headaches and insomnia, as well as being a topical antiseptic, analgesic and scar reducer.

Lavender products for the kitchen

For the Kitchen

Once one of its most widespread uses, lavender as a culinary herb is enjoying a dramatic revival in recipes on both the sweet and savory side of the palette.

Lavender products for the home

For the Home

Lavender’s place in the home also has a centuries-old tradition, not just for its refreshing fragrance but also for its usefulness in a variety of common household applications.

Lavender products for decor

For Floral Decor

For both its appearance and its scent, lavender has long been favored as a decorative flower.

Lavender jewelry


Designed and expertly handcrafted by Pelindaba’s own Andrea Kiernan, this unique lavender glass bead jewelry captures the beauty and diversity of lavender.

Lavender essential oil candles


Pelindaba’s Lavender Candles are handcrafted using the finest waxes infused with our own farm-distilled organic essential oil, not the cheaper and farm more common artificial “fragrance” or “essence”.

Lavender products for pets

For Pets

The soothing, antiseptic and insect repellant properties of lavender lend themselves to a variety of pet needs and treats, and we are steadily expanding this growing line of Pelindaba Lavender products.

Lavender products for the car and garden

For the Outdoors

Apart from the fact that many of the uses of lavender can be and are accessed outdoors as well as inside, there are a few special applications that do not apply to home or person.

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