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Lavender Teas & Drinks

Enjoy a relaxing break with our selection of lavender teas, coffees, and drinks. After much testing and tasting, we have come up with several definitive lavender tea blends using our own organically grown culinary lavender. Enjoy the rich fragrance and subtle flavors of our black ceylon, green, chamomile lavender teas, and more. Experience a wonderfully healthy and delightfully aromatic beverage unique to Pelindaba. Whatever your preference, these exquisite lavender tea blends are stress-relieving and wonderfully refreshing. Enjoy them iced or traditionally hot, and enhance them even further with sweet lavender honey. Our teas are high in antioxidants, low in caffeine, and even caffeine-free for some blends. Made with tea leaves from the world's most notable tea producing regions, such as the Celeon Valley and Nile River, these leaves are mixed with our natural organic lavender grown right at home in Washington on San Juan Island.

At Pelindaba Lavender, we don't just carry delicious lavender teas. We also have a selection of other lavender-infused drinks. Start your day off right with our gourmet lavender-infused coffee. It’s medium roasted and blended with our special culinary “Providence” lavender buds for the optimal balance of flavors. We also have lavender lemonade and lavender hot chocolate mixes that will bring a smile to anyone’s face, young or old.