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Organic Lavender Mask Mist Organic Lavender Mask Mist

Besides its wonderful natural fragrance, centuries of experience have long established the naturally occurring antimicrobial and calming properties of organic lavender essential oil and organic lavender hydrosol. These properties provide effective, non-chemical prevention and treatment of mask-caused skin breakouts and deliver stress-reducing mask freshening.

Our Price: $11.00

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 5ml Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 5ml

Some of Lavender Essential Oil's Everyday Uses:
- Apply a few drops as a topical analgesic & antiseptic to treat cuts, burns, abrasions, insect bites & stings
- Continue to apply to skin during the healing process as an anti-scarring agent
- Dab a drop or two on the upper lip at bedtime as a soothing, calming sleep inducer
- Rub a few drops into the temples as a headache & stress reducer
- Wear as a perfume with the added benefit of an insect repellant
- Use to remove difficult adhesives, oils & paint as a natural solvent

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Face Mask Lavender Face Mask

A lavender face mask for all of us lavender lovers! Sewn by hand on San Juan Island, WA, these masks are made with a striking lavender flower cotton print fabric and designed to be comfortably worn for regular wear.

Our Price: $24.00