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Lavender Soap and Body Wash

Our lavender soap has been specially formulated to incorporate the natural antibacterial and disinfectant properties of lavender essential oil. These highly moisturizing lavender soaps, infused with additional vegetable oils and shea butter, provide a soft skin-feel with powerful cleansing. We also offer lavender bar soaps that are handcrafted with our organic lavender buds to gently exfoliate the skin. We do not use any synthetic chemical preservatives in our lavender soaps.

Use our specially formulated lavender body wash to take full advantage of the cleansing and moisturizing properties of several organic plant oils that will leave your skin fresh and moisturized after a shower. Our lavender body wash is gentle enough for all skin types, and it can be used even for infants, children, and adults with sensitive skin. Made from the blending of six additional vegetable oils and shea butter, our body wash has no added thickeners or fillers like gluten. You’ll experience a soft yet cleansing wash with superior moisturizing and a wonderful lavender scent.