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Lavender Lip Balm Lavender Lip Balm

Pelindaba's all-natural Lavender Lip Balm formula uniquely blends several naturally occurring oils recognized over the centuries for their extraordinary moisturizing, healing and protective properties. Especially suitable for the prevention and management of acute and chronic lip dryness or irritation.

Our Price: $7.00

Lavender Lip Therapy Lavender Lip Therapy

Pelindaba's all-natural Lavender Lip Therapy extends the traditional simple moisturizing benefits of lip balm. It has been specially formulated to provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory therapeutic benefits. It is also uniquely packaged as a lipstick, not only for convenience but also as this allows the therapy to be applied to the inflamed area of the lips without requiring finger contact. Excellent Winter treatment for dry lips and the prevention of cold sores.

Our Price: $8.00

Organic Lavender Mask Mist Organic Lavender Mask Mist

Besides its wonderful natural fragrance, centuries of experience have long established the naturally occurring antimicrobial and calming properties of organic lavender essential oil and organic lavender hydrosol. These properties provide effective, non-chemical prevention and treatment of mask-caused skin breakouts and deliver stress-reducing mask freshening.

Our Price: $11.00

Fire Ant Bite Treatment Fire Ant Bite Treatment

The natural topical anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender essential oil in our all-natural, lavender-based Fire Ant Bite Treatment provide a welcome alternative to the synthetic chemicals found in most other insect bite or sting treatments.

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Treatment Stick Lavender Treatment Stick

The natural antiseptic and powerful topical anesthetic properties of lavender essential oil have been known for centuries, making it a standard for treating cuts, abrasions and especially burns (of which we have ample personal experience...). Pelindaba's Lavender Treatment Stick employs these attributes in a convenient stick delivery system for easy application and portability. Carry it in the car and purse, take it traveling, hiking, camping, boating, etc...

Our Price: $14.00

Lavender Therapeutic Salve - 1.8 fl oz Lavender Therapeutic Salve - 1.8 fl oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Therapeutic Salve is a unique blend of lavender and other natural healing oils in a Shea butter base that has been formulated to maximize their complementary anti-inflammatory steroid-free soothing and therapeutic properties. Ideal for skin rashes and areas of acute or chronic skin inflammation resulting from allergies or overexposure to sun, soil or chemicals.  Dramatically good for dry/cracked heels or hands. Preservative-free!

Our Price: $24.00

Organic Lavender Healing Mist - 4 fl oz Organic Lavender Healing Mist

Besides its wonderful natural fragrance, centuries of experience have long established the topical anesthetic, soothing, antiseptic and anti-scarring properties of lavender essential oil. These naturally occurring properties provide an effective, organic, non-chemical treatment for radiation and other severe burns in a convenient mist formulation.

Our Price: $32.00