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Lavender Tension & Stress Relief

Lavender is well-known for its therapeutic properties, such as reducing tension, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is in the pure lavender essential oil, stream-distilled directly from fresh lavender flowers, that these naturally occurring properties can be found. The best way to experience the aromatherapy properties of lavender essential oil is inhaling its sweet, fresh fragrance. At the farm we create variety of therapeutic lavender pillows to provide tension relief. Tastefully designed pillows for eyes, neck and more are filled with our organic lavender buds and clean rice grains to hold both heat (or cold) for added therapy. Simply heat or cool to preference, squeeze the pillow to break open the fragrant lavender buds and rest the pillow over your eyes, neck or wherever you are holding tension and experience it drift away. They’re excellent for easing tension, soothing headaches, reducing stress, and promoting overall relaxation. We also offer lavender stress balls filled with buds, so the more you squeeze, the more the refreshing aroma of lavender is produced to help soothe your nerves. Find relaxation and relief from tension and stress through the powerful aromatic benefits of lavender.