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Lavender Chocolate and Sweet Treats

One of the most enjoyed pairings in the culinary world is lavender and chocolate. Each flavor helps to elevate the other without diminishing any of its own complexity and potency. Whether you are a longtime lavender lover or just looking for an interesting twist on an established favorite, you’ll love the unique flavors brought out in our lavender chocolate offerings. The pairing provides a unique taste, composed of lightly floral notes that blend beautifully with the rich notes of chocolate, creating a singular experience.

In additional so several lavender-based, chocolaty sweets such as cookies, chocolate sauce, and brownie mixes, we offer three unique blends of lavender chocolate bar:

Lavender dark chocolate - This deeply rich and decadent chocolate is lifted by the lightly sweet notes of the lavender. There is no bitterness to experience when enjoying this dark chocolate, nor any guilt as the health benefits of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate are well documented.

Lavender milk chocolate - Sweet, smooth, and far too easy to gobble up. The natural sweetness of lavender and the sweetness of this milk chocolate are equally enhanced by one another, creating a rich, creamy, and flowery experience.

Lavender white chocolate - If you are craving a sweet treat but chocolate just isn't for you, then our organic lavender white chocolate might be the perfect match. It contains none of the cocoa solids that are found in dark and milk chocolates, and it has a sweet flavor and velvety, creamy texture that will leave you wanting more. With their sweet, subtle nutty and vanilla undertones and floral lavender flavor, it's easy to see why these white chocolate lavender bars are so popular.

Each bar of our organic lavender gourmet chocolate is both GMO- and gluten-free and made with the culinary lavender that we harvest from our own certified organic fields.