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Savory Lavender Products for the Kitchen

Organic lavender is one of the most versatile culinary herbs, and it was even widely considered to be as popular as rosemary up until the 20th century. In fact, lavender can be used as a replacement (or in our opinion, an upgrade) for rosemary to enhance a recipe with its unique flavor. Use lavender seasoning to bring out a subtle floral note to your favorite dishes — think chicken, lamb, fish, vegetables and all manner of savory dishes. Lavender herbs de provence, or lavender salts and peppers are readily accessible ways to spice up your culinary skills. Infuse your dishes with lavender flavor by using lavender stalks for enhanced savory goodness, or try a unique twist with lavender herbal vinegar or mustard.

All our culinary lavender is certified organic and grown, harvested, and processed right here at Pelindaba Lavender farms on San Juan Island. Our lavender for cooking is ideally suited for culinary uses as it is harvested early in the season for optimal flavor. Careful processing ensures a high level of quality, as does our commitment to avoiding the use of chemical preservatives. We also focus on providing reusable and recyclable packaging wherever possible, which is just one of the many expressions of sustainability as a core value throughout our operations.