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Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies

A Pelindaba specialty, these Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies are lavender flavored variants of the ever-popular chocolate chip cookie. We bake these cookies ourselves at our on-site Bakery using the freshest of ingredients and, of course, the organic culinary lavender we grow and harvest from our own fields. It's hard to eat just one!

Our Price: $10.00

Organic Lavender Stalks Organic Lavender Stalks

Pelindaba's Organic Lavender Stalks make use of dried lavender stalks that have been stripped of buds for sachets and the like. These stalks are a long-time traditional and completely natural means of improving the fragrance of a room or the flavor of grilled dishes.

Our Price: $10.00

Lavender Gourmet Salt - refillable grinder Lavender Gourmet Salt - grinder

Pelindaba's Lavender Gourmet Salt is the natural complement to Lavender Gourmet Pepper. in soups, salads, on grilled meats and chicken, and in any recipe where an exotic salt would enhance flavor.

Our Price: $11.00

Lavender Liquid Castile Soap - 8 fl oz Lavender Liquid Castile Soap - 8 fl oz

Pelindaba specially formulates this Lavender Liquid Castile Soap to take full advantage of the natural and gentle skin cleansing properties of several organic plant oils. Lavender essential oil's long-recognized natural antibacterial and disinfectant properties make this unique liquid soap especially suitable for use anywhere in the home or workplace.

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Gourmet Pepper - refillable grinder Lavender Gourmet Pepper - grinder

Pelindaba's Lavender Gourmet Pepper is a unique blending based on our organic 'Provence' lavender flowers, orange peel, kosher sea salt, and of course pepper. Use in cold or warm salads, in soups, on grilled meats and chicken, and in any recipe where an exotic pepper would enhance flavor.

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce - 6 fl oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce is deliciously produced in small batches with European-style (Dutch Process) cocoa powder that is processed with alkali to partially neutralize the acids in the cocoa bean, producing a mellower flavor and darker color than regular processed cocoa powders. This uniquely flavored Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce is a treat for the gourmet chocolate lover in multiple settings ... poured over ice cream or frozen yogurt, or drizzled on top of peanut butter for a unique toast topping, or...or...

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Stone Ground Honey Mustard - 6 fl oz Lavender Stone Ground Honey Mustard - 6 fl oz

By blending ground mustard seed with our organic culinary lavender bud
and lavender honey, we have created our own unique gourmet slant on this
long-favored and versatile condiment.

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Herbal Vinegar - 8 fl oz Lavender Herbal Vinegar - 8 fl oz

Pelindaba Lavender Herbal Vinegar is produced on the farm by slowly infusing red wine vinegar with our finest organic culinary lavender, garlic, cloves, and other seasonal herbs. Beautifully bottled, even if we say so ourselves, this exquisite blended vinegar represents one of the more unusual of herbal vinegar possibilities. Use it liberally to lend a unique zest to salad dressings, marinades, vegetable dishes and soups, especially in combination with Pelindaba's Lavender Gourmet Pepper.

Our Price: $14.00

Lavender Shaving Gel - 7 fl oz Lavender Shaving Gel - 7 fl oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Shaving Gel is provides a wonderfully fragrant and smooth shaving experience. Quite apart from its refreshing fragrance, the natural antiseptic and topical analgesic properties of lavender essential oil are uniquely suited to help instantly manage the inevitable nicks that periodically accompany this everyday act of grooming. Formulated for both men and women.

Our Price: $15.00

Lavender After Shave Lavender After Shave

Pelindaba's Lavender After Shave combines the antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of organically certified lavender essential oil and hydrosol. Along with its wonderful fragrance, these attributes deliver the perfect combination of properties sought for in an after shave lotion. Formulated for both men and women.

Our Price: $15.00

Lavender Gourmet Coffee Lavender Gourmet Coffee

Each sip of our unique Lavender Gourmet Coffee, with its exotic and truly distinctive flavors and aromas, will transport you to our blooming lavender fields. Brazilian Beija Flor coffee beans are medium roasted and ground locally on San Juan Island, then blended with our own organically certified culinary "Provence" lavender buds.

Our Price: $16.00

Lavender Seasoning Gift Sampler Lavender Seasoning Gift Sampler

Our Lavender Seasoning Gift Sampler contains tins of our Organic
Culinary Lavender, Lavender Herbes de Provence and Lavender Lemon
Pepper. These three unique lavender seasonings are ideal for rubs,
marinades, sauces and the like.

Our Price: $17.00

Lavender Eye Pillow - black Lavender Eye Pillow - black

Pelindaba's handcrafted Lavender Eye Pillows are filled with our own blend of organically certified lavender buds, heavy with fragrance, and rice for soothing relief.

Our Price: $22.00

Lavender Therapeutic Salve - 1.8 fl oz Lavender Therapeutic Salve - 1.8 fl oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Therapeutic Salve is a unique blend of lavender and other natural healing oils in a Shea butter base that has been formulated to maximize their complementary anti-inflammatory steroid-free soothing and therapeutic properties. Ideal for skin rashes and areas of acute or chronic skin inflammation resulting from allergies or overexposure to sun, soil or chemicals.  Dramatically good for dry/cracked heels or hands. Preservative-free!

Our Price: $24.00

Lavender Aromatherapy Bracelet Lavender Aromatherapy Bracelet

Our Lavender Aromatherapy Bracelets - with amethyst and lava stone are handcrafted by Pelindaba's Andrea Kiernan. The interplay of volcanic rocks and gemstone quality purple amethyst provide an ideal means for absorbing and diffusing Pelindaba’s Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

Our Price: $39.00