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Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce - 6 fl oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce is deliciously produced in small batches with European-style (Dutch Process) cocoa powder that is processed with alkali to partially neutralize the acids in the cocoa bean, producing a mellower flavor and darker color than regular processed cocoa powders. This uniquely flavored Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce is a treat for the gourmet chocolate lover in multiple settings ... poured over ice cream or frozen yogurt, or drizzled on top of peanut butter for a unique toast topping, or...or...

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Treatment Stick Lavender Treatment Stick

The natural antiseptic and powerful topical anesthetic properties of lavender essential oil have been known for centuries, making it a standard for treating cuts, abrasions and especially burns (of which we have ample personal experience...). Pelindaba's Lavender Treatment Stick employes these attributes in a convenient stick delivery system for easy application and portability. Carry it in the car and purse, take it traveling, hiking, camping, boating, etc...

Our Price: $14.00

Lavender Vase Magnet Lavender Vase Magnet

Pelindaba's unique Lavender Vase Magnets, inspired by our organic lavender fields, are individually handcrafted on San Juan Island by a local artisan. Bring the beauty of lavender to your home or office all year as a vessel for a small bouquet of dried or fresh flowers.

Our Price: $15.00
Lavender Eye Pillow - purple Lavender Eye Pillow - purple

Pelindaba's handcrafted Lavender Eye Pillows are filled with our own blend of our organically certified lavender buds, heavy with fragrance, and rice for soothing relief.

Our Price: $22.00

Lavender Silky Milk Bath - 16oz Lavender Silky Milk Bath - 16oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Silky Milk Bath is a luxurious herbal bouquet bringing all the beneficial properties of lavender essential oil to the luxury of the bath.

Our Price: $28.00

Lavender Skin Care Collection Lavender Skin Care Collection

Our Lavender Skin Care Collection is a wonderful grouping of our handcrafted lavender products especially suited for natural skin care containing Lavender Hand & Body Lotion, Lavender Body Oil, Lavender Lip Therapy and a 1/2 bar of our Lavender Castile Soap.

Our Price: $41.00