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Lavender Castile Soap - half bar Lavender Castile Soap - half bar

The organic lavender buds in Pelindaba's wonderful Lavender Castile Soap handcrafted soaps provide just the right level of abrasive functionality to promote good cleansing of the skin. The soaps are also infused with our organic lavender essential oil, not just for the aroma but also to take advantage of lavender's traditional antiseptic properties.

Our Price: $4.00

Organic Lavender Gourmet Milk Chocolate Organic Lavender Gourmet Milk Chocolate

Pelindaba's Organic Lavender Gourmet Chocolate is made with our organic lavender that we harvest from our own certified organic fields and certified organic chocolate from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms, who help protect the environment, wildlife and cocoa-producing farm families. Treat yourself, friends and family to a new and unique chocolate experience - makes a great party favor, small "thank you" gift, co-worker treat, stocking stuffer, etc.

Our Price: $4.00

Organic Lavender Sachet - small Organic Lavender Sachet - small

Experience the fragrance of freshly blooming fields wherever you are with Pelindaba's Organic Lavender Sachets. Use to fragrance drawers and closets, as well as to repel moths and other insects. Also a wonderful way to relieve stress at work - keep one on your desk!

Our Price: $5.00

Organic Lavender Hydrosol Organic Lavender Hydrosol - 4 fl oz

Pelindaba's organically certified 100% pure Lavender Hydrosol is produced during the steam distillation of essential lavender oil on the farm. Also known as floral water, it is an ideal means of bringing the all-natural antiseptic, cleansing and insect repellent properties of lavender essential oil to a wide range of personal care, household, work spaces and other uses. All this with a 100% natural and organic product from our farm on San Juan Island!

Our Price: $6.00

Lavender Lip Balm Lavender Lip Balm

Pelindaba's all-natural Lavender Lip Balm formula uniquely blends several naturally occurring oils recognized over the centuries for their extraordinary moisturizing, healing and protective properties. Especially suitable for the prevention and management of acute and chronic lip dryness or irritation.

Our Price: $7.00

Organic Lavender Gourmet Honey - 3.38 fl oz Organic Lavender Gourmet Honey - 3.38 fl oz

Lavender infusion really comes into its own when producing Pelindaba's
exotic Organic Lavender Gourmet Honey. Infused with our organically
certified lavender, this wonderful honey is delicious on toast and
scones, in whipped cream instead of sugar, and as an addition to
marinades for roasted meats and chicken.

Our Price: $7.00

Lavender Bath Salts - 2.3oz Lavender Bath Salts - 2.3oz

Indulge in Pelindaba's Lavender Bath Salts and the soothing, relaxing qualities of a lavender-fragranced soaking bath that characterizes one of the more accessible pleasures of the golden days of the Roman Empire.

Our Price: $8.00

Lavender Lip Therapy Lavender Lip Therapy

Pelindaba's all-natural Lavender Lip Therapy extends the traditional simple moisturizing benefits of lip balm. It has been specially formulated to provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory therapeutic benefits. It is also uniquely packaged as a lipstick, not only for convenience but also as this allows the therapy to be applied to the inflamed area of the lips without requiring finger contact. Excellent Winter treatment for dry lips and the prevention of cold sores.

Our Price: $8.00

Lavender Silky Milk Bath - 1.8oz Lavender Silky Milk Bath - 1.8oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Silky Milk Bath is a luxurious herbal bouquet bringing all the beneficial properties of lavender essential oil to the luxury of the bath.

Our Price: $8.00

Lavender Insect Repellant Lavender Insect Repellant - 2.5 fl oz

All-Natural Lavender Insect Repellant is a safe and gentle formula that takes advantage of lavender's long recognized insect repellant qualities.  2.5 fl oz

Our Price: $9.00

Lavender Lemonade Mix Lavender Lemonade Mix

Now you can enjoy Pelindaba's famous Lavender Lemonade at home! Our handy pack includes everything you need to make 8 cups of this refreshing summer drink. Best when served chilled on the rocks! 9.25oz (265g)

Our Price: $9.00

Lavender Linen water Lavender Linen Water - 4 fl oz

Pelindaba's steam distilled and essential oil infused Lavender Linen Water is produced using the essential oils from lavender flowers freshly harvested from our own organically farmed fields. Following centuries-old traditional European practices, linen water should be sprinkled on newly-laundered clothes and bed linens to incorporate the scent of lavender. This application of lavender linen water has also long been used to promote relaxation and sleep.

Our Price: $9.00

Organic Culinary Lavender - 4oz (vol) Organic Culinary Lavender - 4oz (vol)

Widely used over the centuries across the palate, from sweet to savory, Pelindaba's Organic Culinary Lavender can be substituted in any recipe calling for rosemary or as a flavoring for baked goods, beverages and many other culinary delights.

Our Price: $9.00

Lavender Herbes de Provence - 4oz (vol) Lavender Herbes de Provence - 4oz (vol)

Pelindaba's unique Lavender Herbes de Provence blend of culinary herbs is a new variation on a time-honored culinary theme. Traditionally used for rubbing beef, lamb, chicken and duck, it also makes an ideal seafood and fish marinade and a thrilling addition to vegetable dishes and fresh salads.

Our Price: $9.00

Lavender Shortbread Lavender Shortbread

Pelindaba's most popular lavender cookies, these Lavender Shortbread are baked at our Bakery using the freshest of ingredients and, of course, the organic culinary lavender we grow and harvest from our own fields. They are the perfect complement to any of our lavender teas.

Our Price: $10.00

Lavender Bubble Bath - 4 fl oz Lavender Bubble Bath - 4 fl oz

Pelindaba's wonderfully aromatic Lavender Bubble Bath brings together all the benefits of a broad spectrum of natural plant oils to cleanse and nourish the skin. Luxuriate.

Our Price: $11.00

Lavender Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix Lavender Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Pelindaba's popular Lavender Gourmet Hot Chocolate is a carefully blended lavender-flavored chocolate offering based on the best of Guittard chocolate bases. Makes a unique party favor or delicious treat for family and friends.

Our Price: $12.00

Lavender Hand & Body Lotion - 4 fl oz Lavender Hand & Body Lotion - 4 fl oz

Pelindaba's Lavender Hand & Body Lotion is handcrafted with organic natural oils and plant extracts to create a soothing, fragrant lotion. Safe to use on all skin types and all ages. Contains no nut oils or harsh preservatives, paraben-free.

Our Price: $12.00