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The Complete Lavender Experience®

We are committed to handcrafting our lavender products at our farm on San Juan Island using our own organically certified lavender flowers and lavender essential oil that we distill in our on-site distillery. This allows us to readily sustain our reputation for bringing high quality, elegantly designed and effective lavender products to a discerning public who are living a lavender lifestyle.

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Lavender Lip Balm Lavender Lip Balm
: $10.00


Lavender Products

At Pelindaba Lavender Farm on San Juan Island, WA, we create our lavender products from our organically certified lavender that we grow and distill onsite. From planting to harvesting, we carefully select the finest flowers from our lavender fields to use in our handcrafted products. This allows us to create quality, elegantly designed, and effective lavender products for anyone looking to add the benefits of lavender to their lifestyle.

Lavender has many everyday uses, from creating delicious meals in the kitchen and cleaning the home to caring for the body, rejuvenating the skin, treating burns and abrasions and promoting holistic well-being through its powerful aromatherapy properties, you’ll be amazed at everything this versatile plant can do.

Lavender has been used in the kitchen for centuries in similar ways as rosemary on the savory side of the palate. Its slightly stronger floral notes also lend themselves wonderfully to chocolates and sweets to produce a rich sweet flavor that stands out from other desserts.

Personal care products such as lavender soaps, shampoos and moisturizers will leave you feeling calm and refreshed with shiny, full-body hair and healthy, moisturized skin. Lavender essential oils can be applied directly to the skin for their soothing, anesthetic and antiseptic properties or in balms and salves to treat a variety of skin care aliments. Made from certified organic lavender, our essential oils are a natural and safe alternative to other "lavender oils products” that may contain synthetic and potentially toxic chemicals.

In the home, lavender hydrosol acts as a powerful, non-toxic and fragrant cleansing agent for removing grease, dirt and grime and disinfecting counters, floors, and any hard surface in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is also an effective, natural insect repellent to help keep bugs at bay. Lavender buds, candles, and other freshening products lend the pure and pleasant aroma of blooming lavender flowers to any space.