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Lavender Home Fragrance & Potpourri

Make your home smell like a fresh blooming field with the aromatic fragrance of lavender. Lavender not only has a delicate floral scent, but it also acts as a natural relaxant, cleanser, and insect repellent. These unique qualities make it an ideal choice for household fragrance and potpourri. Leave an organic lavender sachet or lavender buds on a dresser, bureau, or table, and enjoy the faint aroma of flowering fields throughout the room. We also carry a selection of lavender-based cleaners to infuse this delightful scent throughout your home. Use lavender linen water on clothing to both clean and aromatize. Lavender carpet freshener will revitalize your carpets and remove any unwanted odors from spills or pets. For a more controllable and thorough means of bringing the fragrance of lavender to your home, use our diffuser and lavender essential oil kit, and bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your everyday life.