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Lavender For Floral Decor

For both its appearance and its scent, lavender has long been favored as a decorative flower. While a truly beautiful fresh flower, it really comes into its own as a very long lasting dried flower. Key to both appearance and longevity is choosing the right variety harvested at the right time.

Of all the varieties we tested during our early research years, we found our L. x intermedia “Grosso” to have the optimum combination of color and large well formed flowerheads with impressive longevity on the stalk. Carefully planned harvesting early in the flowering season before too many buds blossom provides for the right combination of optimal appearance and accumulation of fragrance-imparting essential oil.

Whether simply as long-stemmed bouquets for creating a dried flower arrangement of your own design – alone or mixed with other dried flowers – or crafted by us into a wide variety of wreaths and traditional tussie-mussies and wands, our organically grown flowers are a favorite choice among flower arrangers and home decorators.
Lavender Wreaths
Lavender Wreath Handmade about Pelindaba Lavender
Lavender Bouquets
Lavender Bouquet Handmade by Pelindaba Lavender
Lavender Wands