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Lavender For Pets

The potent soothing, antiseptic, anesthetic and insect repelling (a particular welcome application as a toxin-free method of flea repelling) properties of lavender lend themselves to a variety of pet needs and treats.

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Lavender For Pets

It is the highly effective insect-repelling properties of lavender that drove us to develop this line of lavender products for pet care. Like so many of its other properties, lavender’s potency as an insect repellant has a very long history.

For centuries, sachets filled with lavender buds were used as an effective means of keeping moths out of linen drawers and closets. Although its mechanism of action was not recognized at the time, the wearing of a lavender sachet around the neck to ward off the plague in many areas in Europe was in all likelihood due to the warding off of the fleas and their ability to transmit the disease from rats to humans.

The soothing, antiseptic and anesthetic properties of lavender also lend themselves to a variety of other pet needs and treats, and we are steadily developing our line of products for pets.