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Lavender For Pets

The potent soothing, antiseptic, anesthetic and insect repelling (a particular welcome application as a toxin-free method of flea repelling) properties of lavender lend themselves to a variety of pet needs and treats.

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Lavender For Pets

Lavender’s highly effective insect-repelling properties and ability to be safely used on skin inspired us to develop our pet-care line of lavender products. Lavender has a long history of being used as a bug-repellant, antiseptic, and cleansing solution.

For centuries, sachets filled with lavender buds were used as an effective means of keeping moths out of linen drawers and closets. The wearing of a lavender sachet around the neck was also used to ward off the plague in many areas in Europe. Although not recognized at the time, this trend most likely started because lavender is effective at warding off fleas, which are able to transmit the disease from rats to humans. Today, lavender makes a powerful yet gentle pet shampoo and insect repellent. Keep fleas, ticks, and other biting critters off your beloved pets with the amazing properties of lavender.

Your dog will love our gourmet lavender dog cookies that are baked in small batches and made from only the best and simplest of real ingredients — no unknown fillers here! Give your special pup a delicious treat that not only tastes great but freshens their breath too! We also carry lavender carpet fresheners to keep pet beds fresh and bug-free. Pet pillows filled with lavender grains flowers take advantage of lavender essential oil’s aromatic scent to soothe and calm anxious pups.