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Lavender For The Home

Lavender’s place in the home also has a centuries-old tradition, not just for its refreshing fragrance but also for its usefulness in a variety of common household applications. It is now enjoying a significant resurgence as more and more people are looking for non-chemical approaches to cleaning and disinfection needs around the house.

In many ways, there could not be a better solution to so many household challenges than lavender — a plant that can be readily grown organically without using any herbicides or pesticides, that has its own inherent antiseptic and disinfecting properties, that is an excellent oil solvent, that is a time-tested insect repellant, and just happens to have a wonderful and lasting fragrance of its own!

Given our dedication not only to organic farming but also to using natural rather than artificial ingredients whenever possible in our products, we continue to expand our line of offerings for the “green” lavender home, taking full advantage of our expanded on-farm distillation and product development facilities. Go Green With Lavender™

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