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Organic Lavender Essential Oils

Organic lavender essential oil has a wide variety of uses that stem from its naturally-occurring properties — antiseptic, topical anesthetic, sedative, insect repellant, solvent and disinfectant. It can be used to relax and destress making it an excellent sleep aid and calming agent. Add a few drops to a bath to find relief from a hectic day. To promote a good night’s sleep or reduce anxiety, apply a few drops just below the nose. This natural sedative will help ensure a restful night and give you more energy for the following day. Lavender’s remarkable antiseptic, topical anesthetic and disinfectant properties lend themselves perfectly for natural, organic treatment of burns, cuts, abrasions and the like. Lavender essential oil is also a powerful insect repellant for both humans and pets, with particular benefit as a non-chemical flea repellant for dogs!
These attributes have a long history of application in a wide variety of personal care, therapeutic, home and pet care settings. It’s many benefits are an ideal means of broadening the use of natural, non-toxic remedies throughout everyday life.