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Handcrafted Lavender Sachet & Potpourri

Experience the fragrance of fresh blooming fields even at home with one of our organic lavender potpourri sachets. Each sachet is filled with lavender flowers and infused with essential lavender oils for a relaxing aromatic scent. Lavender acts as a natural stress reliever and insect repellant, helping you to create a calm and pest-free environment. Use sachets around the house and in drawers, closets, even your car to remove unwanted odors and leave the pleasant-smelling aroma of lavender. They can also be left inside of drawers with clothing to gently scent your clothes with a refreshing fragrance and keep away moths. If the scent of the lavender sachet begins to fade, simply squeeze the sachet to break open more buds and release more oil. This method of refreshing sachets can extend their efficacy up to a couple of years. If you have a sachet at home that doesn't have much scent, give it a few good squeezes! We also recommend using organic lavender buds for a richer fragrance. These buds are infused with lavender essential oils, making them unsuitable for culinary use; however, they make an excellent addition to any potpourri and a bird-safe alternative for tossing at weddings.