Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender Hydrosol

What exactly is Lavender Hydrosol?

organic lavender hydrosol

Lavender Hydrosol is produced during the steam distillation of essential lavender oil. During this process a small amount of lavender essential oil is permanently suspended among the water molecules. Also known as floral water, it is an ideal means of bringing the all-natural antiseptic, cleansing, oil solvent and insect repellent properties of lavender essential oil to a wide range of personal care, therapeutic, household, work space and automobile care and other uses.

What are the ingredients in Lavender Hydrosol?

Lavender Hydrosol is a natural and (technically speaking) permanent colloidal suspension of a small amount of essential lavender oil a large volume of water. We neither add-to nor dilute the lavender hydrosol in any way.

How can I use Lavender Hydrosol as a cleaner?

• For cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces (sinks, counters, floors, refrigerators, stove tops, desks, dashboards, etc, etc...)
• As a natural solvent for removal of oily substances from kitchen counters, bathroom and other hard surfaces
• As an all-natural no-scrub daily shower spray to help prevent mildew
• For non-streaking no-residue cleaning of windows, glass, mirrors, fine jewelry and computer/TV/iPhone/iPod/iPad screens
• For removing water spots and finger prints from chrome and stainless steel

What surfaces can I use Lavender Hydrosol on?

Lavender Hydrosol is effective on glass, mirror, wood, tile, granite, marble, stained concrete, formica, stainless steel, chrome, carpets, rugs, upholstery, leather...etc. It should not however be left standing in pools on any waxed or oiled surface for an undue amount of time so as to not leave a water mark.

What is the difference between Lavender Hydrosol and Lavender Linen Water?

We do not add anything to our lavender hydrosol once it is produced. While it has a pleasant, earthy fragrance of it’s own that many find sufficiently “lavendery”, it may not smell strongly of what some may have come to expect from lavender. For use as a means to fragrance textiles – linens, pillows, clothing, throw pillows, upholstery, car interiors, etc – such persons may prefer our Lavender Linen Water which contains additional lavender essential oil, making it better suited for applications where a very present lavender aroma is paramount.

What is the difference between Lavender Hydrosol and Lavender Room Mist?

We do not add anything to our lavender hydrosol once it is produced. While it has a pleasant, earthy fragrance of it’s own that many find sufficiently “lavendery”, it may not smell strongly of what some may have come to expect from lavender. For use as a means to fragrance the air of an enclosed space – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, boat, RV, plane, etc – some may prefer our Lavender Room Mist which contains both additional lavender essential oil and sweet orange oil. Lavender Room Mist smells more strongly of lavender and is also specially formulated to remain in the air as long as possible, making it better suited for such applications.

How can I use Lavender Hydrosol as an insect repellant around the house (or boat)?

Lavender’s powerful insect repellant properties (we have no insect problem on our fields whatsoever) allow for completely non-toxic pleasantly fragranced suppression of insect infestations in a variety of situations – in cupboards, closets and other enclosed areas (does not stain clothing), in pantries, and impressively on house plants to prevent all-too-common insect infestations.

How can I use Lavender Hydrosol on the body?

• For rinsing, cleaning, and promoting rapid healing of skin abrasions and cuts
• For soothing on itching skin associated with sun or wind burn, eczema, dryness and aging
• As a preferred cleanser for infants and adult personal hygiene (particularly useful in healing and preventing diaper rashes)

Is Lavender Hydrosol safe to spray on the skin and safe to ingest?

Yes. Lavender hydrosol is safe for use on the skin and even safe to ingest for both humans and pets. We often hear of people using it as a general mouthwash to take advantage of lavender’s disinfectant properties. We have also found it to be an effective treatment for canker sores in the mouth.

How can I use Lavender Hydrosol with my pet?

• As a chemical-free cleaning alternative use lavender hydrosol to clean floors, dog bowl, kennel – anything your dog comes into contact with
• Adding to a water bowl each day to keep the water clear and aid against bad breath
• Treating “hot spots” and other inflammatory skin conditions (utilizing both the antiseptic and anesthetic properties of lavender)
• Spraying on your pet's coat as a flea repellant and for added freshness and shine

Does Lavender Hydrosol really work?

Yes. Want to hear how others use it and what they think? Click here.

Does Lavender Hydrosol need to be diluted?

No, Lavender hydrosol is most effective when you used straight out of the bottle. No additives or dilution is necessary.

How does one store Lavender Hydrosol?

Lavender hydrosol is best stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Does it have an expiration date?

When stored properly it can last several years. In fact, we have samples of our distillations as far back as 2008 and they still smell wonderful and continue to be very effective for all lavender hydrosol's various uses.

Which lavender plants are used to make Lavender Hydrosol?

We use solely Lavandula x intermedia “Grosso” for our lavender hydrosol. While we know that some people have their favorites for a variety of reasons, we have found over many years that this, our sole offering, is extremely effective in a variety of cleansing and therapeutic settings.

How can I order Lavender Hydrosol?

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