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Lavender Glass Bead Jewelry

In an inspired blending of design flair and crafting experience, soon after joining us in 2004 as our candle-designer, the talented Andrea Kiernan began producing her exquisite and truly unique lavender jewelry. The renown of her jewelry has led to Andrea’s work becoming widely featured in magazines, books and at shows — and holding a particularly elegant permanent place of their own in our stores.
Andrea making lavender jewelry at her San Juan Island Studiolavender glass bead jewelry made on San Juan Island
Andrea working at the torch in her San Juan Island Studio.

Lavender Necklaces

Lavender Jewelry and Necklaces by Pelindaba Lavender

Lavender Earrings

Lavender Jewelry and Earrings by Pelindaba Lavender
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Lavender Jewelry and Gifts by Pelindaba Lavender