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48º NORTH - THE SAILING MAGAZINE, Jun 2012. Feature article on Pelindaba Lavender Farm and the culinary uses of lavender

425 MAGAZINE, Mar/Apr 2010. Pelindaba Lavender Farm designated as a “must-see” while visiting the San Juan Islands

425 MAGAZINE, June 2017. Pelindaba Lavender Farm designated as an “offshore treasure in the Puget Sound” in travel article A Slice of Island Life

ABC - SUNCOAST VIEW, Nov 2018. Pelindaba Lavender Sarasota product gallery featured on Sarasota’s ABC affiliate Suncoast View television program

AMERICAN RIDE, Sep 2014. Pelindaba Lavender Farm featured in Northwest Passage Episode

AT HOME Magazine, Jun 2003. Pelindaba Lavender featured as Cover Story - “Scents and Sensibility”

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND REVIEW, Nov 2017. Pelindaba Lavender's "Growth Necessitates Move"

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND REVIEW, May 2016. Pelindaba Lavender "Opens Shop In Downtown"

BELLINGHAM ALIVE!, Feb/Mar 2011. Strolling through Pelindaba's fields of lavender featured as one of the ”20 healthy things...around the North Sound"

BELLINGHAM ALIVE!, April 2017. Pelindaba Lavender La Conner product gallery featured in "Stay Calm and Breath in the Lavender"

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS, Jun 2003. Pelindaba Lavender as the Main Cover Story feature - “Waiting to Inhale”

BON APPETIT, Jul 2005. Pelindaba Lavender’s Syrup featured in “New @ the Market”

CBS - NORTHWEST BACKROADS, Jul 2003. Pelindaba featured in this Seattle CBS affiliate television program segment

COASTAL LIVING, Nov 2012. Pelindaba featured in “The Savory San Juan Islands”

CONDE NAST TRAVELLER, Jun 2004. Pelindaba featured in “Must-Sees in the San Juans”

COON HOUND TALES, Oct 2016. Pelindaba Lavender Farm featured in dog friendly "Luxury Getaway to the San Juan Islands"

COUNTRY LIVING, Aug 2016. Pelindaba featured as the number one "Stunning Lavender Farms Across America You Need to Visit

COUNTRY LIVING, Jul/Aug 2014. Pelindaba featured as one of the top five most stunning island getaways in the United States in “All-American Islands”

COUNTRY LIVING, Jul/Aug 2011. Pelindaba featured in “American Islands”

DISCOVERY & TRAVEL TV CHANNEL NETWORKS, Feb 2005. Pelindaba included in San Juan Island section (featured alongside Maui, Las Vegas, New York City, and Vail) in “Honeymoon Hot Spots”

EVERY DAY with RACHAEL RAY, Dec 2008. Pelindaba Lavender products are featured as “Rach’s Holiday Picks”

FAMILY CIRCLE, Aug 2005. Pelindaba Lavender Sable cookies featured in “In Love with Lavender”

FINE LIVING TV NETWORK, Nov 2003. Pelindaba featured in “My Private Island” segment

FINDING THE EXTRAORDINARY IN THE ORDINARY, Aug 2017. Pelindaba featured in "from plant to product" blog

FOOD NETWORK TV, March 2009. Pelindaba featured in the “San Juan Islands” segment in “Rachael’s Vacation”

FOOD WINE TRAVEL MAGAZINE, June 2018. Pelindaba featured in “Sip. Savor, and Sign on San Juan Island" article

FRONTIERS MAGAZINE, February 2015. Pelindaba featured as one of the “8 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love on the San Juan Islands”

GOOP, May 2016. Pelindaba featured in Gwyneth Paltrow's Summer Packing and Travel Guide

HEALING LIFESTYLES & SPAS, Jul 2004. Pelindaba featured in “Great Attractions of the San Juans”

HUNGRY FOR TRAVELS, Jul 2018. Pelindaba featured in “14 Things You Must Do On San Juan Island

, May 2006. Pelindaba Lavender Harvest Festival mentioned

IN STYLE Magazine, Jul 2002. Pelindaba Lavender selected as a “National Treasure" in the article “America the Beautiful: National Treasures”

JOURNAL OF THE SAN JUANS, Oct 2014. Pelindaba Lavender feature article "Harvest for the Sense"

JOURNAL OF THE SAN JUANS, Jul 2001. Pelindaba Lavender’s opening to the public featured in “The Lure of Lavender”

KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK, Oct 2016. Pelindaba Lavender Farm featured in San Juan Island travel article.

KITSAP PENINSULA BUSINESS JOURNAL, Dec 2016. Feature article about Pelindaba Lavender Bainbridge Island store location in this USA Today affiliate.

MAIN LINE TODAY, Aug 2016. Pelindaba Lavender Farm recommended as "a real gem" of the San Juan Islands

NAPA VALLEY REGISTER, Oct 2015. Pelindaba Lavender Farm mentioned as part of a survey of the San Juan Islands in “Islands of Quirk”

NBC - EVENING MAGAZINE, Aug 2014. Pelindaba Lavender Farm featured in special feature segment on San Juan Island on Seattle’s KING5 NBC affiliate television program

NBC - EVENING MAGAZINE, Jul 2009. Pelindaba Lavender Farm featured as “Best of the Northwest” winner on Seattle’s KING5 NBC affiliate television program

NBC - EVENING MAGAZINE, Jul 2003. Pelindaba Lavender farm featured as special feature segment on this Seattle NBC affiliate television program

NBC - THE TODAY SHOW, Dec 2001. Pelindaba Lavender’s culinary products featured in “Healthy Food Gifts” segment, with hosts pronouncing them both “beautiful” and “delicious”

NEW YORK TIMES, Jun 2005. Pelindaba Lavender farm and stores featured in “36 Hours in the San Juan Islands” (Travel Section)

NORTHWEST HOME + GARDEN, Summer 2004. Pelindaba featured in ”Friday Harbor’s Lavender Fest”

NORTHWEST TRAVEL, Jul-Aug 2004. Pelindaba Lavender featured in “Marking the Season: Pelindaba Lavender Harvest Festival”

OFFBEATTRAVEL.COM, Mar 2013. Pelindaba Lavender featured in "San Juan Island: Washington State's island destination"

PUGET SOUND BUSINESS JOURNAL, July 2007. Feature Article: “Success Smells – Pelindaba Lavender expands San Juan Island operation with Seattle retail outlet”

SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, Sep 2010. Pelindaba mentioned in “You Won’t Miss The Beach On San Juan”

SEATTLE BRIDE, Jul 2010. Pelindaba’s Lavender Chocolate Truffles featured in “Winter of our Content” as must-have for a San Juan Island honeymoon

SEATTLE MAGAZINE, May 2010. Pelindaba’s Lavender Geometric Soap featured in “Our Favorite Things"

SEATTLE MET, August 2014. Pelindaba’s Lavender Honey featured in “What The San Juans Taste Like"

SEATTLE TIMES, April 2017. Pelindaba Lavender featured in "Worth the trip: Spy San Juan whales and sample what's new"

SEATTLE TIMES, May 2012. Pelindaba Lavender featured in "From slow hikes to high wires, San Juan Island has new treats"

SEATTLE TIMES, Jun 2006. Pelindaba Lavender mentioned in “The Flip Side of San Juan Island: Take a 'One Tank Vacation' in Northwest Weekend section"

SPIRIT MAGAZINE – SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, July 2014. Pelindaba Lavender included in "Follow Your Nose: A bucket list of aromatic destinations"

, Jun 2010. Pelindaba Lavender farm designated as a “place not to be missed” while visiting the San Juan Islands

SUNSET Magazine, May 2004. Pelindaba Lavender mentioned in “Secrets of Lavender Growers”

THE OREGONIAN, July 2014. Pelindaba Lavender featured in “San Juan Islands' products include fudge on Lopez, pottery on Orcas, lavender on San Juan”

THE OREGONIAN, Sep 2014. Feature article “Pelindaba Lavender pulls in San Juan Island visitors with fragrance of its smell”

VANCOUVER SUN, Jul 2010. Pelindaba mentioned in “San Juan Island: A Whale Freeway”

VIRGIN ATLANTIC BLOG, Oct 2015. Pelindaba Lavender Farm mentioned in “Beyond Seattle: Autumn in the San Juan Islands"

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Apr 2004. Pelindaba Lavender Farm photograph accompanies article “Mid-Life Crises”

WASHINGTON CEO, Mar 2005. Pelindaba mentioned in “Regional Report: A Portrait of San Juan County – Living on Island Time”

WEATHER CHANNEL, Summer 2007. Pelindaba Lavender farm featured in the special “The San Juan Islands - Life in the Rainshadow”

WESTERN JOURNEY - AAA, Sep/Oct 2009. Pelindaba Lavender mentioned in article - “Island Respite”

WESTERN JOURNEY - AAA, Mar/Apr 2008. Pelindaba Lavender featured in “A Many-Splendored Thing – Pelindaba creates great gatherings with lavender”

WOMAN’S WORLD, Aug 2009. Special mention of Pelindaba’s Lavender Lemonade in “Have Summer Fun in the San Juan Islands”

WOMAN’S WORLD, Jul 2006. Pelindaba is listed once again in an updated version of “The Seven San Juan Islands Must-Sees”

WOMAN’S WORLD, Aug 2004. Pelindaba featured second in “The Seven San Juan Islands Must-Sees”

YACHTING, Mar 2012. Pelindaba's Organic Lavender Hydrosol featured as a "virtually universal cleaner" that can be used on everything from an "iPad screen to engine, from the galley to the head."

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