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Organic Culinary Lavender - 4oz (vol) Organic Culinary Lavender - 4oz (vol)

Widely used over the centuries across the palate, from sweet to savory, Pelindaba's Organic Culinary Lavender can be substituted in any recipe calling for rosemary or as a flavoring for baked goods, beverages and many other culinary delights.

Our Price: $9.00

Organic Culinary Lavender - 28oz (vol) Organic Culinary Lavender - 28oz (vol)

Probably the most versatile of culinary herbs, organic lavender has been used over the centuries in an extraordinary range of culinary delights. Up until the 20th century it was in many ways more popular than rosemary. But what makes culinary lavender relatively unique among the herbs is its wide application on the sweet as well as the savory side of the palate.

Our Price: $28.00